Blogger, Podcaster, and Blockchain Guide: Shaine Mata

In this first interview of season two, Shaine Mata talks about how traditional social media censorship prompted his journey from Web2 to Web3.

Once upon a time…

In March 2021, Shaine contacted me and said,

“There’s this thing I’ve been doing for a couple of years that I think you should take a look at.”

Which is when I took a look at being a creator on the blockchain…again. What made this time different from my previous attempt in 2017? Maybe it was timing. Maybe it was because the blockchain had matured. But I think it was because Shaine became the guide I didn’t know I needed to cement my understanding of what the blockchain had to offer me as a creator.

The guidance me and my family received from Shaine is the reason why I am now a guide to creators looking to discover what the blockchain has to offer them. It’s also why I encourage everyone I talk to about Web3 to both find the guides to help them learn and to be the guide themselves so they can teach what they know so others can also learn.


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