Season Two Trailer

Are you ready to take your content creation to the next level? 

Then it’s time for season two of Social Media and the Blockchain!

This is Jennifer Navarrete. You may know me as epodcaster on Web2 and Web3. As a content creator myself, I understand the importance of content ownership and finding new ways to monetize and distribute our content outside of big tech’s algorithms. 

Season two of the podcast will build upon the success of the first season’s 30-part series. Episodes will be informational, educational, and dare I say it? Somewhat entertaining. 

We’re diving even deeper into the world of Web3 and the blockchain, and you can expect to hear from experts in the field, as well as creators and developers sharing their own experiences with blockchain and Web3, in a simplified way that’s easy to understand.

Just like in season one, each episode is designed to demystify the blockchain and provide valuable insights for creators (like you) looking to expand their reach beyond traditional social media. 

So whether you’re new to the idea of blockchain-based social media or a seasoned pro, this show is for you.

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Let’s dive into this exciting world of Web3, blockchain, and social media together!

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